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Mole Skin Sketch Book 4
Mole Skin Sketch Book 4

Here are a couple of new sketches I created, The new East London Over Ground Line has started this week, and it has made my journey very easy to travel between the studio in Shoreditch, London and New Cross Gate. Mr Moustache was something I created straight after while sitting on the East London Line train.

I dont usually draw in a sketch book, however its a skill I have been meaning to use more of, while travelling and jotting down ideas. Its a great way to pass the time, I would encourage anyone who can draw, or even those who dont draw at all to take up the hobby. I enjoy life drawing at my life drawing class in Angel based at Candid Arts. Its a great class where I have had to really study the form and concentrate on the model and draw very accurately. It takes a great level of skill to do, as well as patience and practice.

For now I am drawing constantly, which will improve my drawing. Enjoy the drawings and my journey of discovery. and may be I will learn and pick up a few things along the way on my drawing journey.