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Vanity Fair Magazine Skyline Sketch

Vanity Fair Magazine Skyline Sketch – New York – London – Milan – Paris

Vanity Fair Magazine France, got in touch to commission a map illustration for their new fashion magazine article. The brief would be to create the fashion capital cities that represents the cities of New York and London, the second one the cities of Paris and Milan to illustrate what is the most emblematic of each city, some elements that are essential to the brief and must be in :

New York : Skyscrapers, Statue of Liberty, a yellow cab, Union Station, Building from Soho

London : Big Ben, The London Eye, the Euro Star, The Gherkin, The Shard

Paris : the Eiffel tower, a tramway train, The Arc De Triumph

Milan : Doumo, Cova patisserie shop, a Vespa, maybe a Trattoria…

There is always a means of transport in each city to indicate the journey between the different destinations The idea of the article is the red dominant colour of the fashion shows. The illustrations would be mainly in black and white, only with some colour spots


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