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Ralph Lauren Romance

Ralph Lauren Perfume

Ralph Lauren approached me to create a pattern for some new packaging for Valentines Day 2011 promotions for Ralph Lauren Romance line of women’s fragrances, which would also be used on bags and perfume boxes, I was naturally very excited to work with them,

The Ralph Lauren Valentines Day pattern was a fine hand drawn pattern used with in swirls and flower stylised designs, A specific aspect of the brief, was to create the pattern a feminine and sophisticated style, which encapsulate the Ralph Lauren Brand and makes it stand out against other such similar brands for the special edition valentine’s day perfume.

The hand drawn patterns were created and thought through in my sketchbook, once the initial design was approved, I translated the design digitally into Photoshop. I chose not to convert the work into vector artwork using the trace tool within Adobe Illustrator; rather I took some time to trace the artwork in Photoshop using my Wacom A4 tablet and Pen. I choose this method because I felt it would accurately reflect my sketch design and retain that hand drawn quality that Ralph Lauren desired.

All parts of the pattern were unique and individual; this design strategy retained a unique look and feel of the pattern, which gave it a special quality for Valentines day. Special colours were used for The Ralph Lauren pattern which consisted of Romance Grey, with highlights of Mylar silver and separate highlights of glitter, these colours and finished highlighted the quality of the Valentines day perfume box.

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