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L’Obs Magazine Paris Map drawing

L’Obs Magazine Paris Map drawing

L’Obs magazine a well know publication from Paris France, were in contact to commission a map for their up coming September edition.

The brief was to create a map of Paris with a mixture of names of streets, famous buildings and name of neighborhoods for L’Obs magazine.

L’Obs Magazine Paris Map drawing was illustrated to scale because is was important to place 10 locations (the famous power sites) on the map for readers to be able to navigate the map and be a practical, as well as retain its illustrative look and feel, which was a important feature of the map.

I initially sketched the whole of Paris, with important and key road drawn into the map. On this occasion I choose to draw the map at a large scale, larger then I have drawn a map before at A2 size, this allowed me to drawn in a lot more detail in terms of the loads and streets. I then drew the 10 keys sites of Paris which, included the, Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées, Louvre Notre Dame, Cathedral Sacré-Coeur, Arc de Triomphe. As well as key Paris neighborhoods.

The map feathered a numbered key, which was relevant to the text. These numbered keys were the locations of institutions and well know Paris powerhouses which was important and relevant to the written text of the article.



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