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Gordon’s Gin

Gordon’s Gin, The Twelve serves of Christmas

I was commissioned by Jenny Taylor from Columbus communications, London design agency to create a direct mail advertising brochure to advertise Gordon’s Gin the direct mailshot  is sent to over to 220,000 people and the email to 9o,ooo addresses for Christmas 2010.

The concept was to adapt the 12 days of Christmas carol. The campaign was called the 12 serves of Christmas, I was commissioned to create Gordon’s gin menu, for each of the 12 days, there would be a different alcoholic recipe, each recipe would however contain Gordon’ gin as the main ingredient.

Along side the twelve serves of Christmas recipe card direct mailer, I designed an artwork which was to be emailed to customers in addition. The email attachment artwork, illustrated the words ‘Welcome to the twelve Serves of Christmas’ I created a holly and mistletoe boarder which consisted of :

  • True Love
  • Turtle Doves
  • French Hens
  • Calling Bird
  • Golden Rings
  • Geese A-laying
  • Swans
  • Maids A-milking
  • Ladies Dancing
  • Lords A-leaping
  • Pipers Piping
  • Drummers Drumming

which are of course the main elements  that make up famous Christmas carol song, the 12 Days of Christmas.

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