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Galaxy Chocolate

Galaxy Chocolate Press illustrations

I worked with ad agency TBWA London to create four press illustrations to advertise the Galaxy Chocolate range. The four galaxy chocolate flavors illustrated were, smooth caramel, cookie crumble, smooth dark and galaxy chocolate.

The brief by TBWA was to create a elegant and sophisticated back ground illustration.   A piece of the Galaxy chocolate would be placed and photographed on top of the illustration. I envisaged the  elegant lines of the illustration to flow out of the chocolate, radiating in a outward flowing direction towards the edges of the page. On the line work, I also included small flowers and leaves.

Each illustration was created to distinctively different flavors from each other while retaining a similar style and feel to them.  Each advert incorporated the characteristics of the different Galaxy chocolate tastes.

The galaxy advertising press illustrations were printed with women’s magazine, which consisted names publications such as, Hello Magazine, Women’s Weekly, Cosmopolitan Magazine and Company Magazine.

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