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Clarks Shoes Typography Hand Drawn Illustration

Clarks Shoes Typography Hand Drawn Illustration

Clarks Shoes typography hand drawn illustration. I have had the pleasure of working with Clarks shoes to create illustrations for Clarks shoes internal marketing booklet. The document would require me to illustrate 12 illustrations. These illustrations accompanied the body copy which explains in details the aims of Clarks to their clients and stakeholders.

The Clarks illustrations I created were commissioned due to my particular hand drawn detailed style. I was briefed by the senior designer to illustrate over the photography of some of Clarks iconic well known shoes.

The illustrations consisted of typographic elements highlighted within the main body copy. Their were shapes such as a star and a heart surrounding the photographed shoe. I illustrated within the shapes to make up the star and heart. Illustrating the typography and elements translated in to a bespoke and crafted illustration for these particular pages.

I traveled down to Clarks HQ , the site is based in Somerset England. The Clarks campus is a enormous complex. The campus retains the the original Clarks building where it all started. Their are also further buildings added to it as the business grew. Clarks has a large design department, which houses the shoes design team. It also houses the graphic design and marketing departments.

I saw how clarks worked behind scenes on a tour of the campus. The design departs tour have me a opportunity to see how the business operates and creates. This opportunity was a benefit, as I was able to see first hand the process involved in making the Clarks shoes. I also photographed certain aspects of the design process to illustrate them for the marketing illustrations.

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