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Chivas Regal and The Venture Competition World Map

Chivas Regal and The Venture

Excerpts from Redefining Success in a Changing World, a global report commissioned by Chivas examining new views on social entrepreneurship and the evolving perceptions of success. The report was compiled from a summary of survey data of more 1800 young professionals and more than X social entrepreneurs in Mexico, Brazil, China, UK, US, and South Africa, as well as opinion-leader interviews.

I was given the opportunity to illustrate a large typographic map of the world, which was used as a backdrop presentation for Chivas Regal and The Venture competition. The competition had over 1000 entries from around the world, of which 20 were selected and flown to San Francisco to pitch their ideas to leading businessmen and women, who then selected 5 finalists to make their final pitch for the chance of winning $1,000,000 for their sustainable business.

The illustration was almost all created typographically, all of the wording for the map was taken from a global report commissioned by Chivas Regal. The typographic text was illustrated using hand drawn type, crafted to fit the map of the world. The scale of the map I was drawing to was 1500cm 800cm wide. I was drawing the map in sections, and composing it all within Photoshop. The final map would be printed close to 20m wide, for the Final presentation in San Francisco.

The Chivas Regal world map was quite a difficult map to illustrate, I was given a very short deadline to work towards, and another problem was a holiday I had booked to Tuscany, Italy, which meant having to take the illustration with me on holiday, I found myself working on trains, in airports as well as planes. It was a fine balancing act of holiday and work. It certainly proved to be a challenge, I learned a lot from the experience, and it gave me a new sense of value for illustration and freelance, and the ability to be nomadic in a sense and being able to work from different locations, which is something I would enjoy doing more of in the future.

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