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Agency Sectorlight London Map Drawing

Agency Sectorlight London Map Drawing

Design Agency Sector Light, the brief given by designer Emily Knight from Sector Light was to illustrate a hand drawn map of London, with a few key landmarks, in this case, London Bridge, St Pauls, the Shard, The London Eye and the OXO Tower. These Land Marks would further enhance and distinguish the London map drawing.

The London Map drawing would be printed on to canvas and framed for the development companies selling show room based in Bermondsey.

I researched street maps of London, in particular maps of London which were current and up to date, I then started to draw the roads of London, in a sketchy line, the lines did not had to be very perfect, in fact the less perfect the better. Once the drawing was complete, I used photoshop to clean up the lines, however in this case, the drawing did not need much editing, since I wanted to retain the sketchy look and feel,

The land marks were then positioned into place on the London Map. The London Map was  a similar style of drawing then I would usually illustrate, however for this brief the map was very effective. I think I might try and retain some this simplicity going forward in my map illustrations,

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