Seven Magazine Editorial

Seven Magazine How to be smart with your money

Seven Magazine Commissioned a illustration for an editorial article which was written about how to be smart with your Money in the case of inheriting or when your business venture delivers a windfall sum that needs to be invested. The brief was to create a tree in particular a Apple Tree, that is centrally positioned and has a wide enough trunk with branches that span out across the double page spread.

The Branches of the illustration, contain objects such as apples; leaves etc. but also relevant items to the copy of the article. The 4 sections of the article break down as follows. Retail – old style ornate cash register, London Offices – Laptop, Farmland – tractor and light Industry – padlock.

Each of the sections of the branches are colour coded which also helps the reader relate to the different sections of the tree to the relevant sections of the article.

I enjoyed working on the tree illustration, it became a intricate execution, overlapping leaves and vines, I kept in mind while designing the tree to try not  to make the whole illustration over complicated and difficult to interpret visually.

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