MTV and The Gild Agency London

MTV Hidden Worlds

MTV has sashayed into the world of women’s fashion, but with never much more than a huge MTV logo on a t-shirt. With the brand losing dominance since the digital revolution, a new approach to MTV and fashion was needed. The mission; to live beyond the television screen and credibly break into the High Street transporting the brand into a new space.

MTV vision was to create a new brand concept, ‘MTV Hidden Worlds’. Hidden Worlds explores femininity across four diverse collections: Carnival, Antennae, Grace and Alternate Universe. Each is distinct in content, style and color palette, enabling the brand to appeal to a broad range of consumers and licensees on a global level. The Gild Design Agency worked with four breakthrough illustrators, each of whom was tasked to create illustrations for one of the four collections: Ray Smith (Carnival), Emily Forgot (Antennae), Jitesh Patel (Grace) and Pomme Chan (Alternate Universe). We used the illustrations to create S/S and A/W design guides, informing a creative vision for MTV’s partners, inspiring them to create exciting and compelling apparel and accessories.

The Grace collection, illustrated by myself is positioned as ’a secret garden in a girl’s imagination’, according to The Gild, where nature can be explored ’with charm and innocence’. Digital and hand-drawing techniques have contributed to a layering effect.

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