DST Services Whiteboard Drawing Icon

DST Services Whiteboard Drawing Icon. DST Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of strategic advisory. transformative technologies, and operations outsourcing to the financial and healthcare industries. With Our deep industry knowledge, critical infrastructure, and service excellence. DST Looks to help companies master the escalating complexity of customer, business and regulatory requirements.

DST Services commissioned illustration. A range of hand drawn icons illustrated in a similar way to brain storming whiteboard style. The Icons were created for 3 specific categories for the DST website which is going under new design development.

The icons I illustrated had to be loose drawings with little detail. I developed a hand written font to accompany the illustrations. The hand written type was crafted to be loose which represented quick and free hand writing that you would find on a office white board.

The 3 Main categories included,Financial Services, Asset Management and Healthcare. The Icons are illustrated around a photographed persons head, to convey the look that the person in the photograph is thinking deeply. The icons list was extensive. Each icon is composed and placed within Photoshop making the illustration modular. This gave the client flexibility to be able to change the icons and place them in their own way if they feel the need to.

For example the illustrated icons for Asset Management included. a computer, charts & graphs, pie charts, Venn diagram, bar graphs, line charts, area charts, Icon representing a team, arrow that represents market fluctuation, swirl of documents, a globe or something to indicate global, as well as words such as compliance, analytics, security, process, management, efficiencies.


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